Pets posing with Xmas hats bird dog cat rabbit

Here at Package Pets, the safety & well-being of animals is always our number one priority. That’s exactly why we would like to share some useful tips and hacks on how to keep your pets safe this holiday season.


  1. Ensure that any wires for Christmas tree lights are not in reach. As we all know, pets such as dogs & rodents love to gnaw and chew on almost anything so keeping harmful electrics out of reach is always a great first step. Remember, gnawing is a natural instinct and imperative for small animals such as rodents to maintain & develop healthy teeth. To prevent chewing furniture/decorations, it’s essential that you provide enough toys/treats for your pet to nibble on, check out our gnawing & chewing section for ideas.


  1. As tempting as it may be, with festivities in full swing, it’s a bad idea to experiment with your pet’s diet as this can cause stress. For the most part, stick to whatever your pet is most comfortable with eating, only occasionally trying new foods/treats. And remember… NO CHOCOLATE, EVER. Alternatively, use pet-friendly chocolate, like Rosewood’s Leaps & Bounds Peanut Choc


  1. Ensure that your Christmas decorations are non-toxic. It’s easy to get carried away with buying decorations & creating our own festive grotto. It is, however, also equally easy to forget which products are/aren’t safe for pets. Search specifically for non-toxic products, when buying decorations. We can’t always keep an eye on our pets so we need peace of mind that at least nothing will be dangerous to them, if chewed.


  1. Although festive plants such as mistletoe, holly, amaryllis & ferns look great, they are moderately toxic & should not be anywhere in the vicinity of cats, dog & other house pets.


  1. Regular Vacuum cleaning is therapeutic & prevents dogs, cats, rodents, rabbits & any other house pets from digesting pine needles, decorations or any other harmful Christmas scraps.


  1. Christmas can be an overwhelming time for our pets. Whenever you are in the company of visitors/visiting friends & family, it’s always a good idea to supervise pets at all times, especially around children. This not only protects your pet, but others around them. Even the tamest of pets can become aggressive when intimidated so make sure that yours is content, calm and has a solitary area to take refuge in.


We really hope that all owners reading this blog found at least one useful tip. We wish all of our loyal & new customers a very Merry Christmas. Stay safe & spoil your pets!