Langham Rodent Cage for Degu, Chinchilla & Rat


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Langham Rodent Cage for Degu, Chinchilla & Rat

  • Size: L80 x D48 x H58cm
  • Cage Colour: Black Finish
  • Base Colour: Beige
  • Bar Spacing: 1cm
  • Suitable for Rats, Degus, Chinchillas, Ferrets and other similar sized animals
  • All accessories include: 1 x 500 ml drip resistant water bottle, cosy hammock, stainless steel feeding bowl, plastic ladder, 2 x plastic houses, 2 x plastic wheels & 2 x plastic feeding bowls
  • Solid plastic base
  • Large opening top door - L21cm x W25cm
  • Narrow bar spacing

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