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How Do Subscriptions Work


How do I pay for my subscription
You will pay for your subscription by direct debit.

When will it be delivered?
Depending on the order value either 3 - 5 days on orders under £25 and next day for orders over £25.

How much does delivery cost?
Free to UK addresses under £25 and Free to UK mainland on orders over £25.

Can I cancel any time?
Yes! You can cancel any subscription order that you have not been charged for or is not in the process of being delivered to you (has been sent by us)

How does a subscription work?
When signing up to our subscription service you'll be asked to choose the following:

• The product you want to subscribe to
• How many products you want to receive in each order
• How frequently you want to receive your order e.g once a month (30 days)

Once you've subscribed you should receive your chosen product 1-5 working days after you place your order. Your order/subscription will be dispatched on the same date as your original order each month.

When does money come out?
Payment will come out of your account as soon as you place your first order. It will then be taken out of your account on the same date each month for the duration of your subscription.

What's the returns policy?
Subscription services are subject to our returns policy.

Are promotions included?
Subscriptions are offered at long-term discounted price, short-term promotions cannot be used in conjunction with subscription prices.

How can I view or amend my subscriptions?
To view or amend subscriptions please go to the subscriptions section in the ‘my account' section of the website. Here you can change your delivery address or cancel your order.

Can I get it sent to my work address?

What if I have questions?
For all questions surrounding the subscription service please get in touch with our customer services team

How do I know if my subscription has been dispatched?
You will receive an email as soon as your subscription has been dispatched.

Can I have more than one subscription?
Yes, you can subscribe to more than one subscription service using the same account.

How can I buy non-subscription products at the same time?
Yes! It will show in the cart which items are on a subscription and which arent.