Andrea Large Bird Cage For Cockatiel, Small Parrot & Love Bird, - White or Chrome

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Andrea Large Bird Cage

 White or Chrome finish 
 Size : 48 x 36 x 65 cms
Gap between bars: 20 mm approx 
Suitable for a Cockatiel, love bird or small parrot. 
3 x Solid Perches, 2 x clear feeders, 1 x wire mesh, 1 x washable slide out tray.
Cockatiel cage is flat packed and is very easy to assemble it is constructed with powder coated wrought iron bars. The gap between the bars is 20 mm approx, this will enable your bird to climb around the cage easily, it is equipped with three perches, two feeder dishes, a removable tray, a seed grill, and a handle. This cage is easy to maintain and provides your birds with a safe living environment the front door also enables quick access to your bird. Not only that but the handle allows the cage to be suspended from one of our large half Hoop Stands or if you prefer our white multi stand on casters which provides good mobility.