Busy Buddy Hippster Treat Dispensing Dog Toy

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Busy Buddy Squeak 'n Treat Troog Treat Dispensing Dog Toy

  • INTERACTIVE: This treat dispensing dog toy bounces around unpredictably which keeps your dog moving and offers interactive play fun
  • LONER PLAYTIME: The combination of treats, chewy textures and unpredictable bounces means longer playtime for your dog
  • CUSTOMISABLE: You can easily customise the treat rate for your dog with the patented Treat Meters
  • HEALTH BENEFITS: With the Hippster dog toy you can distribute your dog's snacks throughout the day which prevents obesity and excessive eating
  • WARRANTY: This PetSafe dog toy comes with a 2 year manufacturer's warranty
The Bouncy Bone dog chew toy offers your dog a chewing toy as well as tasty treat rings for longer lasting playtime. The durable nylon bone and the rubber ball ensure a hard chew strength even for determined chewers. Your dog will be entertained for hours since he will be chewing the toy until the tasty treats are gone.