Mikki Dog Friendly Training Muzzle Easy Fit - 13 Sizes

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Mikki Dog Friendly Training Muzzle Easy Fit

Allows panting, drinking and treat training
Collar attachment to help prevent removal by dog
Adjustable strap with quick-fit snap lock
Available in 13 sizes
Full instructions included
The Mikki training muzzle allows your dog to pant, drink and treat train and comes complete with an adjustable strap with easy-fit snap lock. The muzzle also has a collar attachment to prevent your dog from pulling it off.
If your pet is keen on chasing other animals or shows predatory signs, then a muzzle can prevent injury or death. Legally, if the dog is known to bite he must be on lead for everyone's safety.
A Mikki multi lead can be used as a double ended lead, so you can attach to a collar, headcollar or harness and prevent lunging. Alternatively, you can also use a Mikki recall training lead, which allows your dog to exercise without the risk he will rush up to a person or dog and attack.