Mikki Multi Use Car Harnesses - 3 Sizes

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 Mikki Car Harness


 Keeps your dog safe whilst travelling

Clips into your car’s seatbelt system

Easy to fit and fully adjustable


The Mikki Car Harness ensures safe and comfortable car journeys for you and your dog. The chest belt is padded to offer maximum protection and the clever swivel-link allows your dog to turn around without getting tangled. The harness can be left on whilst you exercise your dog by simply clipping your lead onto the D-Ring on the harness.


Take your dog with you!  Don’t leave him in your vehicle for prolonged periods.

Sizing Chart

                                           Neck Size                                         Girth Size

Small                           20-30cm 8"-12"                                 45-60cm 18"-24"

Medium                      30-42cm 12"-16"                               50-65cm 20"-26"

Large                          40-60cm 16"-24"                               60-80cm 24"-31" 

Extra Large                58-83cm 22"-32"                               70-90cm 28"-35"


Fitting Instructions

Make sure the 4 clips are unfastened, then lay the harness with the padded side facing upwards as shown in fig. 1.

Stand in front of your dog and place the right paw in area (A) and left paw in area (B) (fig. 2).

Hold the red clips (F) and (H), one in each hand and lift the collar strap (C) up and around your dog’s neck and fasten the clips together (fig. 3). 
Adjust the collar strap with the adjustable metal slide (J) so that it fits snugly and is not too tight.

Hold the chest protection pad (D) against your dog’s chest and choose the correct loop for the girth strap (E) to feed through (fig. 4). 
The strap should fit behind your dog’s legs, not around the stomach (fig. 5).

Hold the black clips (G) and (I), one in each hand and lift the girth strap around your dog’s body and fasten together (fig. 5).

Adjust the girth strap with the adjustable metal slide (K) for a snug fit. Two fingers should fit comfortably between your dog and the strap.

Sit your dog comfortably in the car and attach the seatbelt strap to the harness by fastening the plastic clips (fig. 6). Push the metal clip into your car’s seatbelt clip to secure your dog.

When taking your dog from the car simply attach a lead to the metal ‘D’ ring (fig. 6) and unclip the plastic clip, leaving the seatbelt strap attached to the car’s seatbelt clip ready for your dog’s return.