Trixie Automatic Fish Food Dispenser For Aquariums

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Trixie Automatic Fish Food Dispenser For Aquariums is an Automatic Fish Feeder that can hold both granules or flakes. Users can change the settings to either 12 or 24 hour feeds and can set how much food should be dispensed on each feed. It is designed to fit easily onto the hood or rim of most fish tanks.
  • Can hold granules and flakes
  • Feed in 12 or 24 hour rhythms
  • Controllable food quantity
  • Food is protected from moisture
  • Feeding between the programmed meals via instant manual setting
  • Can be fixed to the aquarium hood or to tank rim
  • Battery-operated
  • Holds up to 125ml
  • High quality design
  • Easy to operate, refill and clean
  • CE approved

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