Trixie Microfibre Bathrobe/Drying Towel - All Sizes

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Size: Extra Large - 75 cm
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Trixie Microfibre Bathrobe/Drying Towel

XS 30 cm - Yorkshire Terrier
Small 40 cm - Jack Russell 
Medium 50 cm - Beagle
Large 60 cm - Labrador
XL 75 cm - German Shepard


This bathrobe is suitable for every type of fur or hair. The extremely absorbent micro-fibres ensure good moisture absorption. In addition, your dog is protected from cooling after bathing. The bathrobe also prevents the walls and furniture being sprayed with dirt and water when the dog shakes himself after a walk in the rain. The bathrobe is machine washable up to 60 °C. Please do not use fabric softener. Extremely absorbent Suitable for all breeds and coats Protects your dog against cooling after bathing or walking in the rain Prevents the walls and furniture from becoming soiled Micro-fibres provide an ideal moisture absorption and remove the moisture out of the dog's coat Machine washable up to 60 °C (please do not use softener) Tip: In order to ensure an ideal moisture absorption the bathrobe should fit loosely. Instructions for use: Put on the bathrobe and gently rub the dog's coat dry. After use just rinse with plain water and wring out.

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