UPVC Plastic Budgie Breeding Cage with Nesting Box 54"


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UPVC Plastic Budgie Breeding Cage with Nesting Box 54"

PLEASE NOTE: This product is made to order and will incur a short waiting time.
Overall Size: (L) 54" x (D) 14.5" x (H) 16"
Includes: 2 x removable black powder coated cage front, 1 x outward opening cage door, 2 x removable tray, 1 x side nesting box

Why should you use our UPVC Plastic Budgie Breeding Cages? No more painting, no more bugs, hygienic and easy to clean.

Our UPVC Plastic Double Budgie Breeding Cage comes pre-built and fitted with 2 black powder coated 12" x 24" budgie cage front with an outward opening door. The gaps between the bars are approx 10 mm and can be removed for cleaning. There are two slide out trays which can be easily removed to clean.This UPVC Plastic Budgie Breeding Cage has been manufactured in the UK using nails and a high pressure staple gun. Our Budgie Breeding Cages are strong, robust and can easily be stacked on top of one another making them great for both experienced breeders and enthusiastic hobbyists. 

Contact us via telephone at 0800 028 3880 or via email at info@packagepets.com for bespoke quantities.

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