UPVC Plastic Double Bird Breeding Cages With Divider 37" 3 Pack

Cage Style: Canary
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Our UPVC Plastic Double Bird Breeding Box with Divider is a Budgie Breeding Cage manufactured at our warehouse from some of the country’s most experienced joiners with inspiration from bird enthusiasts around the world. It has been designed specifically to put the birds welfare first and uses all high quality materials that are 100% safe for birds.

Each individual cage is a double cage that is divided using a easily removable sliding divider. The cage fronts come in a powder black finish that have been designed specifically in house to suit budgies. The cage also comes with 2 removable trays underneath for easy cleaning. All cages come ready built and can easily be stacked on top or alongside each other, making them perfect custom bird rooms for hobbyists and breeders. 

  • Pack Size: 3 x Double Breeding Boxes
  • Breeding Box Dimensions: (L) 37" x (D) 14.5" x (H) 16"
  • Cage Styles: Budgie, Canary & Finch
  • Cage Front Colour: Powder Black
  • Approx Bar Gap: 10mm
  • Materials: UPVC Plastic 
  • Whats Included? 1 x Double Breeding Box, 2 x Removable Cage Fronts, 1 x Outward Opening Cage Door, 2 x Removable Trays and 1 x Central Divider
  • Ready Assembled: Yes
  • Strong and robust
  • Easily stackable on top or alongside each other.
  • No more painting, no more bugs, hygienic and easy to clean
  • Removable sliding trays underneath for easy cleaning
  • Removable divider for separating or joining the double cages.
  • Cage fronts are easily removable for changing or cleaning.
  • Manufactured in the UK using nails and a high pressure staple gun
  • Suitable for both experienced breeders and enthusiastic hobbyists
  • Ideal for custom bird rooms.
  • FREE DELIVERY to UK Mainland
  • Please Note: When ordering 3 or more breeding boxes, they will be delivered on a pallet. The customer will need to book a suitable day for delivery and somebody will need to be home all day on the day of delivery. 

If you want any more information on our breeding cages call us on 0800 028 3880 or email us on info@packagepets.com

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