Penthouse Large Hamster Cage With Tubes - Blue & Lime

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Penthouse Large Hamster Cage With Tubes - Blue & Lime

Blue & Lime

Size: (H) 50 x (W) 40 x (D) 27 cm
Elements: 1 x Hamster House, 2 x Wire Platforms, 2 x Ladders, 4 x Tubes, 1 x 6" Wheel, 1 x Heart Shape Feeder Dish, 1 x Handle
Gap between bars: Approx. 8mm
Gap between platform bars: Approx. 5mm


This Penthouse 3 tier hamster cage is brand new and delivered flat packed. Inside this stunning 3 storey cage you get everything your pet requires, from a wheel to exercise in, to a dish to consume hearty meals in, it is perfect for the hamster lover.

This new version also has a deeper base which gives the hamster more room for playing, makes the cage easier to clean, and also stops the hamster from making a mess by kicking up the sawdust. All of the contents of the cage can be easily re-arranged to your liking, including the platforms and the tubes.

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