Rosewood Naturals Meadow Menu Guinea Pig Food - 2 kg


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Rosewood Naturals Meadow Menu Rabbit Food - 2 kg 

Grain free and closer to nature with only 100% natural and beneficial ingredients
Contains no cereals, added sugar, GM or salt. 100% vegetarian
Made from over 40 meadow grasses, plants, vegetable and beneficial seeds cold pressed to retain nutrients
Formed into unique Quad-shaped pieces to stop selective feeding
Fibre rich and designed to support tooth abrasion; plus good digestive and overall health
Our first main diet within our extremely popular Naturals range, designed to address concerns from experts, vets and pet owners regarding obesity and poor digestive and dental health in guinea pigs. Guinea pigs are fibrevores with specialised digestive systems that require high fibre, low energy foods. Most main diets are based around cereals/grains which are a cheap but rich source of energy. However guinea pigs can easily over indulge on these grain based diets which can lead to obesity and a reduction in the intake of hay and grasses which are vital for good digestive and overall health; plus tooth wear. Meadow Menu diets replace grains with over 40 different meadow grasses, plants, vegetables and beneficial seeds with no added sugar, salt, GM or artificial ingredients. As well as our food being high in fibre with correct levels of protein the rich variety of meadow plants and grasses also means your guinea pig gets a wide range of natural and beneficial phytonutrients such as flavonoids, antioxidants and vitamins. Meadow Menu also contains parsnip which is source of inulin, a natural prebiotic, which feeds and encourages the growth of beneficial gut bacteria and yucca which can reduce odour by reducing levels of ammonia in your pet's urine. The food is cold pressed rather than extruded with heat. This means more of the nutrients are retained and the ingredients are less processed which makes the guinea pigs's digestive system 'work' at digesting the food and absorbing nutrients - just as it was designed to do. The special quad-shaped pellets stop harmful selective feeding and help to wear growing teeth. Also available for Rabbits and Chinchillas & Degus. A 2kg pack is designed to feed two guinea pigs for one month. Analytical Constituents: protein 15.8%, oils and fats 4.1%, crude ash 9.7%, crude fibre 17.1%, calcium 0.9%, phosphorus 0.6%

Meadow grasses and herbs (including timothy grass, foxtail grass, oatgrass, orchard grass, downy alpine oatgrass, smooth meadow grass, red clover, sweet vernal grass, velvet grass, golden oatgrass, common vetch, black medic, dandelion, ribwort, cowslip, marguerite, daisy, great burnet-saxifrage, hedge bedstraw, parsnip, sorrel, germander speedwell, common mouse-ear, perennial ryegrass, soft brome, tufted vetch, bush vetch, three-toothed orchid, wild beaked parsley) 70.5%, parsley 5.6%, carrot cubes 5.1%, pea flakes 4.1%, broad bean flakes 3%, parsnip cubes 2.4%, linseed 2.4%, black cumin 1%, fennel seed 0.8%, nettle leaves 0.7%, melissa 0.6%, rape seed oil 0.6%, dandelion 0.6%, rosemary 0.5%, yucca 0.5%, apple 0.4%, peppermint 0.4%, chamomile blossoms 0.3%, lovage 0.3%, beetroot 0.2% Nutritional Additives/Kg: Vitamin A 13,780 IU, vitamin C 689 mg, vitamin D3 954 IU, vitamin E 84.8 mg

Suggested offering 30g daily per kg of body weight

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