Trixie Dog Activity Solitaire Strategy Game


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Trixie Dog Activity Solitaire Strategy Game is part of our Dog Snack Games range that is suitable for dogs ranging from beginner to intimidate level. It's a level 1 difficulty which means the game will have a low level change for dogs so it's the perfect starting point for your dog.  

The Dog Games are made from a solid, high quality plastic that is non slip thanks to the built in rubber base ring which means it's perfect for use on both carpets or wood flooring. It includes full training and set up instructions and is full approved by all animal welfare guidelines.

  • Dimensions: 29cm 
  • Game Strength: Level 1
  • The dog has to lift the cones to get the treats
  • Board with 7 cones
  • Non-slip due to rubber base ring
  • Made from solid plastic
  • includes training instructions
  • Compliant with animal welfare under § 18 (AT)