Vivarium/Terrarium Reptile Glass Display Cabinet Lock


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 Vivarium/Terrarium Reptile Glass Display Cabinet Lock has been designed with protective plastic clamps to avoid scratching or damage to the glass. Each lock comes supplied with 2 keys and can be easily installed to aquariums with sliding doors. 

  • IMPORTANT: This lock comes with protective plastic clamps to protect the glass, without these clamps it could scratch the glass
  • Includes a metal bar, the locking barrel (mechanism) and 2 keys
  • Keep your valued pet inside its vivarium / terrarium and to keep the un-wanted out.
  • Suitable for an array of reptile housing or glass display cabinet/showcases Metal construction
  • Instructions: The bar slides between the panes of glass and is secured in place with a screw, the barrel then slides onto the bar and ratchets into place.
  • Includes Lock and two keys

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