Rosewood Natural Small Animal Nibble & Dig Meadow

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Rosewood Natural Small Animal Nibble & Dig Meadowoms

A real slice of cultivated meadow full of different herbs, grasses and edible flowers rooted in loam and carefully dried
Set, for convenience, in a hay coated, gnawable parchment tray
Allows pets to forage, nibble and dig as they would in nature
Contains assorted meadow herbs and grasses with roots and flowers for extra flavour and nutrition
Ideal for all rabbits, Guinea pigs, chinchillas and degus

In the wild rabbits and rodents love to explore, dig and graze on the plants and earth that surrounds them. Our slice of real herb meadow has been carefully dried and placed in a hay coated, edible tray so your pet can forage, nibble and dig just as they would in nature. Enriched with fragrant, edible flowers and tasty dandelion it's scrummy, fun for Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Chinchillas and Degus. The natural herbs and grasses are fragrant, tasty and rich in fibre and a wide variety of phyto-nutrients! Let your pet forage for their favourites. As the plants are still rooted pets have to dig to expose the nutritious roots, stimulating them and helping to prevent boredom. Finally your pet can benefit from digesting the minerals that adhere to the roots when they have the chance to eat them directly from the earth. Unique, natural and fantastic!

Loam with whole wild flowers, herbs and grasses (including dandelion, ribwort, daisies, red clover, common plantain, chamomile and chickweed) (79.2%), meadow hay (8.5%), vegetable starch, cellulose fibre, marigold blossoms (0.3%), added dandelion (0.3%), rose blossoms (0.2%).