Wagg Bacon Roll Tasty Bites with Pork
Wagg Steak & Chips with Beef & Potato
Wagg Sausage & Mash with Pork & Potato
Wagg Steaklets with Beef & Cheese
Wagg Puppy & Junior with Chicken & Yoghurt
Wagg Skin & Coat with Duck & Cranberry
Wagg Tasties with Chicken, Ham & Beef
Wagg Fish Finger & Chips Dog Treats
Wagg Yumms Chicken Crunchy Dog Biscuits
Wagg Yumms Liver Crunchy Dog Biscuits
Wagg Cookies Bites with Peanut Butter & Banana
Wagg Tasty Bites with Pork & Apple
Wagg Sensitive with Lamb & Rice
Wagg Low Fat Meaty Bites with Turkey & Rice
Wagg Training Mini Bones with Chicken & Cheese
Wagg Tasties with Chicken & Liver