Beaphar Multi Worming Tablets For Dogs

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Beaphar Multi Worming Tablets For Dogs
One Pack is sufficient to treat one dog up to 15.2kg (30-33.5lbs) weight 
For round worms (ascarids) and tape worms
The number of tablets is depndant on the dog's overall weight.
This box contains 8 tablets which should be given to your dog at weekly intervals for 3 weeks.
Dogs should be retreated every 3 months
The treatment consists of three doses given at weekly intervals. Tablets may be taken whole or crushed and sprinkled into the dog’s food.

FIRST DOSE: Give the appropriate number of PINK tablets (for roundworm) for the dog’s weight, as shown below.

SECOND DOSE: One week later, give the same number of FAWN tablets (for tapeworm).

THIRD DOSE: After another week, repeat the first dose of PINK tablets to complete the treatment.

Weigh your dog before treatment to accurately establish the correct dosage. You can do this by weighing yourself on the bathroom scales, and repeating whilst holding your pet. The difference is the weight of your dog.

Dogs weight in Kg           Number of tablets required
1.9                                                            1/2
2 - 3.8                                                        1
3.9 - 5.7                                                  1 1/2
5.8 - 7.6                                                     2
7.7 - 9.5                                                   2 1/2
9.6 - 11.4                                                    3
1.5 - 13.3                                                 3 1/2
13.4 - 15.25                                                4