Evolution Aqua Pure Aquarium - 50 Balls


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Evolution Aqua Pure Aquarium is the perfect product for both new and established aquariums. Each ball contains millions of live bacteria and enzymes that aquariums require for fish to thrive. It's the perfect product to help cycle new aquariums and to help get rid of cloudy water. It will also help put bacteria into your filter which will help extend the clean time within your filters.

  • Tub Size: 50 Balls
  • Bacterial Treatment for all freshwater tropical aquariums
  • Reduces the amount of filter cleaning & maintenance 
  • Helps to achieve and maintain a healthy aquarium environment
  • Helps get rid of cloudy water on new aquariums
  • Ideal for starting up a new aquarium. Will add healthy bacteria to the tank to help speed up cycling a new tank.

Instructions for use

  • To maintain crystal clear water, healthy water simple add 2 Balls for every 25 litres of water, once a week. Add 5-10 balls per 100 litres of water. 
  • Add the balls either directly to the filter or to the main tank. The balls are clear so will be invisible while inside your tank.