Large Corner Rabbit Litter Tray with Grill Floor


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Large Corner Rabbit Litter Tray with Grill Floor

Available in Teal and Pink

Please leave a message with the order telling us what colour you want!

Rodent Corner Litter Tray Tray Size: 16.5 cm Front Length x 5.5 cm Height Weight: 420g This giant Rodent Litter Pan is an ideal accessory for any cage. It comes with a powder coated metal grill so any dirt or litter can fall into the base, and to stop the rodent from walking in its own mess. The tray is made from strong molded plastic so these are hard wearing and will withstand cleaning with hot water, enabling you to maintain a cleaner cage. Small animals, such as Rats, Ferrets and chinchillas are a lot more intelligent than most people give them credit for. They can be trained just like larger pets to use there litter tray. Just put some soiled litter into the tray whilst keeping the rest of the cage clean. Your pet will quickly associate the area by smell as being the appropriate place to use. This cuts cage cleaning time down considerably! Please specify a colour at the time of purchase, or one will be picked at random. As with everything else we sell, all of the materials used for this toy are non-toxic.

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