Herbifloor Tortoise Bedding Grass Pellets


Size: 2kg
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Herbifloor Tortoise Bio Degradable Bedding Grass Pellets are a completely bio degradable compressed tortoise grass pellet that is suitable for many reptiles including tortoises, iguanas and other large reptiles. It comes in a 20kg bulk bag that is perfect for large enclosures. 

  • Bag Size: 2kg, 3kg, 5kg, 20kg
  • Premium quality compressed grass pellet
  • The perfect substrate for tortoises, iguanas, and many other large reptiles. 
  • This product is highly absorbent which helps neutralize odours.
  • Its natural look enhances the look of your terrarium.
  • Herbifloor is a completely biodegradable substrate made from a sustainable renewable source.