Johnson's Aerosol Dry Foam Shampoo


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Johnson's Aerosol Dry Foam Shampoo

150 ml aerosol can
Cleans quickly and easily without water
Johnson's dry foam shampoo is a luxury, pleasantly perfumed foam shampoo which cleans thoroughly without the use of water and is quick and easy to use. Dry foam is especially useful for spot treatment when required.
Directions for dogs: Ensure that the coat is dry. Shake can before use. Hold upright and apply either direct to coat or by hand. Treat small area at a time, avoiding eyes, ears, nose, mouth and genital organs. Work well in with hands, then rub coat with towel. Afterwards, brush or comb thoroughly.
Directions for cats: May be used sparingly on cats, nut towel well to remove all foam and DO NOT ALLOW CAT TO GROOM UNTIL THIS IS DONE AND COAT IS DRY.

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