Johnson's Worming Tablets For Large Dogs - Size 3

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Johnson's Worming Tablets For Large Dogs - Size 3

A single dose treatment to kill both roundworms and tapeworms.
For medium breeds of dogs & puppies over 8 weeks from 6 kg - 40 kg.
Comes with 3 tablets containing Nitroscanate 500mg

Johnson's One Dose Easy Wormer is a broad-spectrum wormer for use in dogs. It is highly effective in a single dose against common canine nematodes (roundworms) and cestodes (tapeworms) in the UK.

Directions: The tablets should be given whole with about one-firth of the daily food ration in the morning when the dog's stomach is empty. The remaining food should be given in the evening. 

Dosage: IMPORTANT - Follow the instructions carefully. For routine treatment of medium to large size dogs and puppies give one 500mg tablet per 10kg body weight, in accordance with the dosage table.

6.1 - 10 kg - 1 Tablets

10.1 - 20 kg - 2 Tablets

20.1 - 30 kg - 3 Tablets

30.1 - 40 kg - 4 Tablets

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