Trixie Female Disposable Dog Nappies


Size: S-M 28-40 cm
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Trixie Female Disposable Dog Nappies


  • Pack Size: 12 Pack
  • 5 Sizes Available(See Blow for sizes)
  • Trixie Female Dog Diapers
  • Hygiene for incontinence, females in season, after operations and when travelling.
  • Good fit due to elastic band at waist and legs.
  • Highly absorbent.
  • Comes with opening for tail.
  • Comes with wide adhesive fasteners on both sides.
  • Disposable.

Size Guide

  • XS-S (Waist Circumference: 20-28cm)
  • S-M (Waist Circumference: 28-40)
  • M (Waist Circumference: 32-48cm)
  • M-L (Waist Circumference: 36-52cm)
  • L (Waist Circumference: 38-56cm)
  • XL (Waist Circumference: 40-58cm)