Trixie Hanging Suspension Hamster Bridge


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Trixie Hanging Suspension Hamster Bridge


Size: 27 × 17 × 7 cm


Treat your small pet to more adventures with the Trixie Suspension Bridge!

Made with safe natural wood, the Suspension Bridge make the perfect playground for hamsters, gerbils and mice, providing them with more to explore, nibble and climb!

The two tier Suspension Bridge features two wooden ladders with a rope ladder and a sisal ring with a wooden block hanging down between them. Providing small pets with the Suspension Bridge caters for their gnawing, climbing, playing and exploring desires, keeping them stimulated for hours!


The toy should be checked regularly for signs of wear and replaced when necessary. Many small rodents require items to gnaw on as their teeth continue to grow throughout their lives, and therefore must be worn down.

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