Trixie Jesper Corner Syrian Hamster House 30x13x21cm


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Trixie Jesper Natural Corner Syrian Hamster House 30x13x21cm is made from natural bark wood and is suitable for syrian hamsters, degus and rats. It comes with a flat roof that can be used by your small animal to relax on top. It will fit seamlessly into the corner of your habitat for space saving and a natural look and feel.

  • Suitability: Syrian Hamsters, Degu & Rats
  • Dimensions: 30x13x21cm
  • An all natural wooden house 
  • Lying area on the roof
  • Made of untreated natural wood material
  • Flat roof offers space for up-jumping
  • Made from 100% pet safe materials
  • Also available for Dwarf Hamsters
  • Also available for Guinea Pigs, Chinchillas & Dwarf Rabbits