Trixie Large Wooden Labyrinth Maze For Hamsters


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Trixie 6201 Natural Living Leif Labyrinth House

Playing and sleeping house
Made from natural wood
Removable roof
Species appropriate rodent keeping
Measures 35 cm length by 25 cm width by 11 cm height
Good value
High quality design

Trixie Natural Living leif labyrinth playing and sleeping quarters for mice and hamsters. Good value and high quality design. It is made of natural wood. This playhouse with a ramp inside has 4 chambers, 2 of which have a darkened bedroom. This is where your hamster can have a rest or survey its kingdom. Gnawing on this toy is natural and completely safe for your small animal. Measures 35 cm length by 25 cm width by 11 cm height.

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