Trixie Plastic Cat Litter Scoops


Size: Ultra Litter Scoop
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Trixie Plastic Cat Litter Scoops  

Clean and hygienic
Makes clean up easier
For use in litter trays
Comes in assorted colours that cannot be chosen
Cat litter accessories are very important to the average cat owner. It is likely your cat will be in the home at the very least within the first year. So, it is during this stage that you will need cat litter and a cat litter tray and all the things that go along with making clean up after cat waste much easier for you. Find a litter that suits you and your cat. Good litter will mask bad smells and be easy to clean out using a litter scoop. You can put a litter liner or bag in the tray to aid emptying the entire tray regularly. Be sure the scoop you choose is right for you and litter you are using

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