Trixie Wooden Play Stand for Parakeets and Cockatiels


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Trixie Wooden Play Stand for Parakeets and Cockatiels

    • Measurements: 41×55×41cm
    • Made with natural wood without resin and glue that is non-toxic
    • Includes a swinging perch and 2 water bowls (40ml & 50ml)
    • Great for small parrot conures and cockatiels
    • Comes with feeders cups and swing
    • Deep base tray for less mess
    • Includes all bolts needed
    • Easy Assembly

    This wooden budgie play stand will keep your bird playing for hours. The ladders, perches, swing and toy are all made from wood and the metal chain and ring toy dangles from a metal ring hook. It is designed to give the bird a bit of a break from being behind the bars of a cage and to let it open its wings a little. The weight and design of this product also make it easy to transport and manoeuvre around the home. All of the materials used to make this toy are natural and non-toxic.