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Armitage Pet Care are manufacturers and distributors of branded pet treats, food and accessories in the UK. Some notable brands of Armitage Pet Care are Good Boy and Good Girl. The company was formed in 1775 and prides itself on its heritage and ability to continue to develop healthly, enjoyable and durable products. Armitage Pet Care has also earned themselves a seal of approval by her majesty Queen Elizabeth II. To shop all Armitage Pet Care please click here
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Beaphar are manufacturers of pharmaceuticals, health care products and premium complete foods. Beaphar was founded in 1942 in the Netherlands by Bernard Aa (Phar) and to this day still remains a family run company. Beaphar is now a well-established brand in Europe and is starting to grow globally. Some notable product lines from Beaphar that we highly recommend are the Dog One dose wormers, Multiwormers, Fiprotec Spot on Flea & Tick Treatments and Cat Flea Collars. To shop all Beaphar products please click here
Global Pet
Global Pet are manufacturers distributors of animal cages and accessories in the UK. Formed in 2005 and based in the north east of England Global Pet have developed a unique range of Hamster Cages such as the Fantazia Hamster Cage which can be fully customised with Curved Tubes, Straight Tubes & T Shaped Tubes. Global Pet manufacturer Plastic Bird Breeding Cages for breeding Finches, Canaries and Budgies or for those who already have breeding cages they supply a range of Cage Fronts to be fitted to homemade breeding cages. To shop all Global Pet please click here
Good Boy
Good Boy is a brand owned by Armitage Pet Care that manufacturer and distribute a wide range of Dog Toys & Accessories, Treats & Chews & Feeding Equipment. Good Boy was created in 1962 with the bird of the dog Choc Drops and by 2017 they have sold over 16 million meat treats alone worldwide through their Pawsley & Co range. To shop all Good Boy please click here
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Good Girl is a brand owned by Armitage Pet Care that manufacturer and distribute a wide range of Cat Toys & Accessories, Treats & Feeding Equipment. Good Girl was created after the success of Good Boy and the Good Girl Cat Nip Drops have been a great seller for us. To shop all Good Girl please click here
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Happy Pet are designers, manufacturers and distributors of high quality pet products. They pride themselves on pet health, happiness, well-being and they endeavour to ensure that all of their products are made to support the natural instincts and lifestyles of each animal. Some favourites from Happy Pet are the high flying Happy Pet Cardboard Cat Scratch Mat, the scrumptious Critters Choice Tasty Sticks for Small Animals and last but not least the Non Spill Dog Bowl With Detachable Rim. This however is just a small portion of Happy Pets extensive product range, to shop all Happy Pet please click here
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Interpet are leaders in aquatic and pet products with over 65 years’ experience in fish keeping and aquarium care. Interpet was founded in the UK by Dr Neville Carrington, a British Chemist who entered the world of business through his love of fish and when a suggestion was made to formulate liquid food for fish. To shop all Interpet please click here
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Komodo is a brand owned by Happy Pet that specialises in products catering for all the needs of reptiles. Komodo have a commitment to improve reptile pet care by the development of their product range which has been a great success in the UK. Their Tortoise Diet range has been a big hit with a variety of flavours such as Fruit & Flower, Cucumber, Dandelion and Salad Mix. They also do some pretty nifty Basking Platforms in different colours Sandstone, Brown and Grey. To shop all Komodo please click here
Kong was founded in the US by Joe Markham when his retired police dog Fritz developed destructive chewing habits. While working on his van Joe started throwing car parts near Fritz and it was the rubber suspension part that got Fritz attention, this was Joes eureka moment. The erratic bounce and toughness of the rubber inspired Joe to create a pet safe built-to-chew rubber toy which he did and is known today as the Kong Classic Dog Toy. Kong is now a worldwide sensation with an extensive range of dog toys and compatible treats such as the Air Dog range. To shop all Kong please click here
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King British are manufacturers of fish & reptile food, water treatments and medicines. King British is made and sold in Great Britain, something they are greatly proud of. Their fish food range includes Flakes, extruded pellets and other specialist foods for specific species such as Catfish Pellet, Goldfish Flake and Tropical Fish Flake. King British water medicines and treatments provide outstanding solutions to problematic water issues and diseases such as Safe Water Filter Aid and White Spot Control. To shop all King British please click here

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Mikki first hit the market back in 1980 with the infamous Mikki Muzzle which was widely accepted by dog trainers as it allowed the feeding of treats whilst training. Four years later Mikki launched their Grooming range made by groomers for groomers. 40 years later they are still going strong by staying true to their professional roots and their efforts to develop the next big thing. To shop all Mikki please click here 
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Natural Choice Treats are committed in providing a range of single protein, healthy, delicious & nutritious dog treats that are packed full of fresh meat and nourishing ingredients. All Natural Choice Treats are Gluten free, Hypoallergenic, 100% Natural containing No Preservatives, No Artificial Colouring or Flavouring and No Derivatives. We cannot recommend these enough with ingredients ranging from Salmon, Venison & Buffalo to Rabbit, Chicken & Beef. We have also custom made variety packs for you to try 5 delectable flavours at a discounted price. To Shop all of Natural Choice Treats please click here
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Founded in 1955 in the US Nylabone has been making long-lasting edible chews and dental solutions for dogs of all ages, shapes and sizes. Nylabone is a family company with a heritage of knowledge and expertise as the world’s largest pet book publisher. Their chews come in a range of shapes and sizes predominately in the shape of Bones and in a variety of flavours such as Bacon, Chicken and Peanut Butter. To shop all Nylabone please click here
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Rosewood is a UK based company formed in the 1960’s by a husband, wife and business partner. The business was named after one of the founders, the wife Mrs Rose Wood. Rosewood sources, produces and distributes pet accessories, treats and an impressive range of products for pets and the people that love them. In their collection of brands they have the Boredom Breaker range which features a selection of fun and innovative toys for small animals such as the Bunny Fun Tree and the Sleep & Play Cheese Toy. Another exciting brand from Rosewood is the Naturals Range which consists of a number of food, treats and edible houses for small animals such as the Edible Carrot Cottages and the Nibble & Dig Meadow. To shop all Rosewood please click here
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Trixie was founded in Germany by Bonnik Hansen in 1974 and is now a European market leader for pet supplies with over 7000 products on the market in over 80 countries. Many of their products have been developed, inspected and tested in house by their pet specialists. Trixie pride themselves on their high quality products and that is why we are proud to offer them to our customers. In the Dog section some customer favourites are the Trixie Treat Bags and the Activity Snack Games. In the Cat section there are the Cat Litter Trays & Bags and Scratching Posts & Boards. In Small Pet we have Exercise Wheels and Houses & Bridges.  Last but not least in the Bird section there are a great range of Bird Baths and Playgrounds. To shop all Trixie please click here